Cloth Face Mask is here to stay. Make it a fashion accessory

We all have experienced the life under government imposed lockdown to defeat covid 19. While it kept many of us safe from the infection, its was really bad for the economy, jobs and to our personal freedom.  Recently as lockdown rules are eased and the world is trying to recover from covid 19’s devastating impact,  many countries are experiencing spike on infection rate again.  People are forgetting social distancing rules and in many situations, its even hard to follow the rules.  Many people stop wearing face mask in crowded areas and the spread is spiking again.  In the US many are claiming their individual rights under the constitution not to wear mask but ignoring their social responsiblity which is the good of the many.  In a caring society, social responsibility outweighs individual rights.

We are lucky in Malaysia that the people are more disciplined and more caring of others that our infection rate is now very low and manageable. Malaysia’s success will only continue if we remain vigilant on what is required to stay safe and keep others safe.  Always wear face mask specially in crowded places. It’s the only way to get back some resemblance to our normal life.  So keep wearing your face mask for as long as it takes. Accept it as the new normal and might as use get yourself a Cloth Face Mask that is protective and stylish as part of your daily life. Make it a fashion accessory. Wear it in style. Love it and flaunt it.

 Also never forget to wash or sanitise your hands regularly.